Friday, March 28, 2008

Vietnamese Blanket

I got a request to do a personalized blanket with a Vietnamese name. I have done Hebrew names, but this was the first Vietnamese name. Being a computer geek, I was able to take the word file I was given, change the font, import it into Paint and export as a jpg file. This went to my DAK program and was converted to an stp file of the proper size for the blanket. Whew!

After that, the knitting was easy!

Friday, March 21, 2008

More Lace!

I have spent the past week making more lace baskets. I snooped around the stores in the area looking for interesting forms. At a party store, I found an interesting flower shaped box with a lid. The first try was just the bottom - I liked the way it came out. Of course, after I took the picture, I ate the M&Ms. That's a flaw in my character.

Found some shamrock cookie cutters at a Michael's that I will try out for next St. Pat's Day, and more Christmas cookie cutters at a kitchen store. Half the fun is the hunt! I never really know what I am hunting for until I find it.