Friday, March 21, 2008

More Lace!

I have spent the past week making more lace baskets. I snooped around the stores in the area looking for interesting forms. At a party store, I found an interesting flower shaped box with a lid. The first try was just the bottom - I liked the way it came out. Of course, after I took the picture, I ate the M&Ms. That's a flaw in my character.

Found some shamrock cookie cutters at a Michael's that I will try out for next St. Pat's Day, and more Christmas cookie cutters at a kitchen store. Half the fun is the hunt! I never really know what I am hunting for until I find it.

1 comment:

Sixsisters said...

I love all of the shapes of things that you make Barb. I am looking forward to seeing the chap stick holders. I have seen several . I know yours will be cool.