Thursday, February 5, 2009

Greek Baby Name Blanket

I decided to try a Greek personalized blanket to add to my Hebrew and Vietnamese blankets. I found a great font that look terrific on the blanket. If you are wondering how this is done - read on.

I retired as a software engineer where I wrote programs for CAD - computer aided drafting. This background allows me to feel very comfortable with design software. The program I use to put the names in is called DAK. If you are familiar with fonts, you will know that you can download many fonts to your computer - you are not limited to the ones it came with. The Greek font I use came from the web.

Like all graphic programs (including Paint) you can create a text box and insert words. I do that with the Greek font. There is always tweaking to be done to get it to look good, but that is how it starts.

Maybe I will try Arabic next!

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Beverly said...

That blanket is way cool! Bet you can get a bunch of customized orders and really drive yourself insane!

Very nice!