Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I finished another English/Hebrew name blanket

I love doing these blankets. Some little one out there has a blanket with their own name on it. I used a different trim on this one. It is called a worn trim - it looks much nicer than it sounds. I think it gave a great finished edge to the blanket.

The weather was awful today so I got a lot accomplished. Lots of ice on the trees and bushes. I went out and shook the ice off the trees and large bushes in hopes that they wouldn't break under the weight. Only one looks sort of lopsided, but it may come around.


Shantiearth said...

Terrific blanket! You definitely have a good handle on blogging.

susanlambert said...

I really like this blanket!

Dayna said...

Some little one will treasure this hopefully for the rest of her life.

ZudaGay said...

Your baby blankets are such a wonderful keepsake/blankie for a little one. I am sure she will love it!!