Sunday, February 17, 2008

South Street - the Hippest Place in Town

Anyone remember the Orlon's song about Philly? We are in Philly for the weekend. We can see the Ben Franklin Bridge from our window and we ate a cheesesteak with whiz for lunch. It doesn't get better than that.

I did pick up some cookie cutters that I want to use as forms for lace boxes and baskets. Other than that, our time has been spent at the historical sites, art galleries and museums.

Its nice to get away!


Karen said...

I never thought of cookie cutters for forms! What a super idea - have fun!

Sixsisters said...

I hear you enjoyed your cheesesteak !! Great blog Barb.

ZudaGay said...

Sounds like it was a lovely trip!!!

Knitted Gems said...

Yay! You're in my town. I hope you are having a great time!