Sunday, June 15, 2008

Israel, Day 4

Today we spent visiting friends. Ofir and Nurit live on a kibbutz. A kibbutz started out as a collective farm, but now they are more free market. Ofir and his son, Rotem, took us to Rosh Hanikra. This town is on the Lebanon border. Relations with are fairly peaceful right now. Rosh Hanikra has some great caves where the sea rushes in with a boom. We toured through the caves and got a picture of the guys with their arms in Lebanon!

The British built a rail line through the caves from Lebanon to Israel prior to Israel becoming a state. The rail line was blown up during the war for independence by the Israelis.

After Roah Hanikra, we had lunch in an Arab town at a small cafe. The owners were friends of Rotem. We feasted on falafel ( fried chick peas in pita with salad - sort of like an Arab taco), hummas (ground chick peas), arab salads etc. The food just kept coming!

Then back to Jerusalem. Check out the pictures at

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