Thursday, June 19, 2008

Israel - day 5

We are back in Jerusalem staying with friends at their house in a new area just outside the city. It is a beautiful 'desert' house with a view to die for.

Today, our friend Rani will take us to see many Christian places of worship that commemorate times in Jesus' life. DS friend is Christian and we all want to see the churches. We visit the site where the Good Samaritan story takes place, where the Beatitudes were spoken and many others. We visit an ancient Roman site with shops and a theater. We see the Sea of Galilee adn the Jordan River. The river is very small - not the gushing waterway you would expect - it is the desert, after all!

Many pilgrims bathe in the Jordan - see the picture of people in white robes. Then we are off to the Golan Heights, once occupied by Syria. It is best to have a guide for this part!! We see a monestary built into the side of a cliff - talk about getting away from it all :) The road up to Golan is narrow and winding, but our trusty Kia minivan made it in fine style.

Back to our hotel in Jerusalem for the night, then off to Eilat for some snorkling.

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