Thursday, June 19, 2008

Israel - day 6-7

On to Eilat!! Eilat is located at the northern end of the Red Sea. It is a resort city with 5 star hotels, scuba, snorkling, wind surfing and a jumping night life. You can also stand on the shore and see Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia!!

The only problem is that you have to drive through the Negev desert to get there. Unlike the Judean desert, this one is mostly flat and boring. But we did find a McDonald's!!

We needed a rest from all the site-seeing. Eilat has a coral reef and gorgeous salt water fish. Snorkling in the sea is like being in an aquarium. The most beautiful fish are within arms reach. I will have to get the underwater camera pictures developed for you to see. We spent our time in the water and in the mall.

Before leaving, we traveled to the Egyptian border for a few pictures. Back through the Negev to Jerusalem. We stopped at a McDonalds at the Dead Sea - the lowest McDonalds in the world! Way below sea level. There was Ronald.

Tomorrow is our last day and we will spend it with our friend and guide, Rani, in the Old City.


On a Whimsey said...

Barb, what an amazing trip you had!!! And, thank you so much for sharing all those wonderful photos, descriptions of each day... just wonderful!!!

AltheaP said...

Thanks so much for sharing this with us. What a trip -- you'll think of it every day!

maryeb said...

Just found the link in the Boomer's chat. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. It's great reading. Off to check out your fickr pics:)

kimbuktu said...

Wow, what a wonderful experience to go to Jerusalem, the center of the world. Your pictures are great, thanks for sharing with us.

Memo-Pause said...

Oh, my, I'm so jealous! What a cool trip!

I'm Memo, BTW. I'm too lazy to sign in with the proper I.D.

webmaster said...

You have a seriously awesome machine knitting room - complete with motors! I've carved out a corner of the basement for my machines. Someday I'll have a dedicated room.